I'm Chris Marion: a 20-year-old multi-disciplinary engineer, programmer, entrepreneur, tinkerer, artist, adventurer,and thrill-seeker. I'm currently working on developing innovative new 3D printing and rapid prototyping technologies, and am well known for my special effects endeavors, as evidenced by my "FireHero" series of creations. I enjoy working with any mechatronic system, and for me the most rewarding projects are those which incorporate multiple disciplines of engineering. Taking a multidisciplinary approach to any project I tackle allows me to discover and utilize solutions that otherwise wouldn't be noted.

I've been a lifelong autodidact and have been teaching myself about science and engineering since I've been old enough to read.

I am the developer of the open source 3D-DLP printing software package, 3DLP Host. which satisfies the need in the DIY 3D printing community for a unified, powerful, and easy-to-use software package.



FireHero has been featured on Fox News Houston, NPR, Slashdot, Make, HackADay, Joystiq, Gizmodo, HacknMod, and blogs around the world.

FireHero 2 has been featured on Synthtopia.

FireHero 3 has been featured on HackADay, eBaum's WorldRight This Minute, and blogs and forums around the world.