ABR Christmas Show

We went to the August Burns Red Christmas show in Lancaster, P.A. on December 28th, 2009.

Bands we saw before ABR took stage:

  • This Or the Apocalypse
  • Texas in July!!!

Driving through the middle of nowhere... except for a nuclear power plant.

Getting pumped up for the show in the car.

We stopped at Bird-in-Hand on the outskirts of Lancaster - the best restaurant you will ever see. For 14 bucks, unlimited all-you-can-eat buffet of delicious homemade Amish food. We ate 3 pumpkin pies for dessert.. I ate 2 of them.

This Or the Apocalypse

Adam Grey from Texas in July - one of the greatest drummers ever.

See the ABR drumset behind him?

After waiting what seemed like hours for the sound check.. AUGUST BURNS RED!

After fighting our way to the front: JB and Dustin, lookin' chill as usual.



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