Suspending Development of the 3DLP Host Software

The purpose of this post is to announce that I will be suspending any further development of the 3DLP Host software and accompanying firmware until further notice. 3DLP Host has always been a project that I've been developing in my spare time (mostly) for free. Right now I am chest-deep in the chaos of moving and changing jobs, and things are far too hectic to be able to work on the software for a while. Rather than make promises that I cannot keep, it makes the most sense for me to officially hold further progress until things settle down again. I intend to resume giving to the open source community once I am able; in the meantime the 3DLP Google Code site will remain up and the source code that I have released thus far will remain free and open source. Please feel free to email me with any specific questions you may have regarding development of the software.



0 #2 Danny 2013-08-20 08:05
Hi Chris,
I just saw you message about suspending the development of the sofware, hopefully it is only for now!
I havent been able to find the 3DLP Google code site yet. In the mean time I have finished the development of the affordable resin and I'm looking for users who want to take it on. Is it something for you? hope you dont mind me posting my web site here.

Thanks for all your good work so far!

0 #1 DC FX 2013-07-31 18:42
Sorry to hear this, we will all be here waiting for your return. Will your first version work with Ramps 1.4 running marlin or sprinter? Any configuration you might suggest?