Playing around with the Kinect and Processing

Tonight I spent several hours playing around with the Kinect OpenNI library and Processing - and boy oh boy did I work on some cool stuff!! Above is a 3D point cloud of me standing in my room, created from data extrapolated from the Kinect's depth image.

I can't even contain the amount of incredible ideas that are racing through my head on how I can apply this to real-world applications. I feel that I've reached a point in my learning and personal development where the complexity and scope of my projects is going to literally explode. Two months ago, I wouldn't have ever imagined that I'd be working as the lead developer on an open-source 3D DLP printing software project or doing contract pyrotechnics work. Ever since I left school back in January, I've been doing nothing but pursuing my passion, and ever since then things have been falling into place for me and I've gotten to follow it even further (Yes, I believe in the Law of Attraction). I'm willing to bet that a year from now, I'll be working on things that I couldn't even imagine doing now. Check back often, because I have a ton of awesome things in the works!


0 #3 Chris 2012-05-25 02:12
Thank you both for the kind words. Bliss, I really appreciate it. You're awesome! :)

@Lunavast: I've created a Google Code page for the software, you can view the current source here:

What type of mods are you looking at doing? If you add functionality and it's working well I'll add it into the main source!

0 #2 Bliss 2012-05-24 18:04
I WILL be checking back often.
Chris, I believe YOU have the talent and enthusiasm to do anything that you can imagine.
The projects you are currently working on are incredible!
Let your mind and skills flow, have fun, and lets see what you can do!!

0 #1 Lunavast 2012-05-23 21:05
Hi Chris,

I'm following you on your blog and Yahoo Group of 3D Priter.
I'm using your great 3D DLP software when I complete development of my 3D DLP printer.
Can I have the source code of your latest software as I would like to mod something?

I believe combination of Kinect OpenNI based 3D scanner and 3D DLP Printer woulbe be great.

I hope you could make a similar software as ReconstructMe.