FireHero 2

FireHero 2 is finally here! Exactly a year after the original FireHero, I revisited my most popular creation and revamped it just in time for a live show on New Year's Eve. I took a look at all the comments on the original FireHero, picked the top three issues people talked about and fixed them.

  2. Get rid of the damn basketball hoop.
  3. Increase the spacing between each flamethrower.

The big improvement for me with this version was the addition of an AutoPlay feature. I spent 90% of my time and money on revamping the control systems - leaving much of the plumbing unchanged and recycling many of the systems from the original FireHero. As a result, FireHero is now able to play itself with perfect computer-sequenced precision to ANY guitar hero or rock band chart and any custom MIDI file. This means that I can use the vast database of pre-charted songs built for the popular video game series to produce fire to music - beautifully, quickly, and easily.

Items still on my wish list for the next version, which will be added as soon as I get the money to do so:

  1. A better ignition system.
  2. Bigger flames: bigger valves and better plumbing
  3. Better supply - it goes without saying that I use a lot of propane. I need bigger tanks and a method of keeping the pressure high - whether it's just heating water baths or an industrial propane vaporizer.


0 #2 Holland 2012-04-12 20:39
Are you seriously 18? If so mad props to you, I can see you getting a job you love easily. Wish I could hang out with you and learn from you instead of going to college hah. I live in CT but been all over (23) here.
+1 #1 vinci 2012-01-26 13:38
étant fan de ce que tu fais.
la version 2 je l'adors.
exéllent travail.
tu est le meilleur.