Centrifuge Bowl

I need a centrifuge. It's as simple as that. Whether it's for harvesting algae or cleaning WVO, it's becoming a necessity. I modeled the bowl of my centrifuge in SolidWorks, and I'm planning on getting it precision machined on a 5-axis CNC mill in early 2011.

With the drainage holes and arbor for the motor.

I performed some virtual stress testing on the bowl. According to the software, it will withstand up to 27,370,000 Nm^2 of force (picture applying 3,746 tons across a 1m square surface, or stacking about 250 unloaded tractor trailers on that 1 meter square) before deforming and failing. The simulation shows us this (the deformed shape). This basically means that the bowl is several magnitudes stronger than it has to be for my purposes.


0 #2 Martin 2013-08-13 18:22
see above
0 #1 Martin 2013-08-13 18:20
How do you calculate the stress due to liquid pressure? I assume one has to integratepressure from the inner lip(atmospheric?), to the perimeter of the bowl. I've forgotten how to do it. I also want a centrifuge. I am building a cheap lash up with a small plastic bowl as rotor (enclosed in a stationary tin). If I explode it, I'll try a tin. Cheers